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Joe Ezelle, Financial and Technical Consultants, welcomes you:

Joe Ezelle is a 27 year veteran of the IRS. Because of his special ability to apply his investigative tools and techniques, he was selected as the top Revenue Officer in the Southeast United States, and was utilized to teach basic and advanced classes to other employees. He also served as a Manager, Branch Chief, and Program Analyst. Since his retirement in 1998, he has utilized his many skills resolving hundreds of over-burdened taxpayer’s with a wide variety of problems with the IRS.

Below is a sample of the IRS Tax Help offered:

• Consulting with you free of charge face to face
• Determining the best resolution for your tax problem
• Stopping Tax Liens
• Stopping Tax Levies
• Resolving Tax Debts
• Preparing and submitting an Offer- in-Compromise
• Preparing and submitting of Doubt-as-to-Liability
• Preparing and submitting of an Installment Agreement
• Assisting in getting Trust Fund Penalty Relief
• Resolving innocent spouse issues
• Requesting abatement of penalties

The answer to your IRS tax problems

Joe Ezelle, with Financial & Technical Consultants, is confident in his ability in handling your tax problems and will handle your case confidentially. You will benefit from his knowledge, experience, and conscientious attention to your case. He guarantees a quick response to all your questions and concerns. He is extremely knowledgeable re: any collection problem you may have.

Professional Help:

Joe Ezelle will not only resolve your tax problems but will advise you in meeting all of your tax obligations, including the proper recording, reporting, and paying of your taxes to avoid future liabilities. Resolving your tax problems while educating you in the process, will not only save you time and relieve your anxieties, but will allow you to focus your time and attention on your business.