Tax debt relief is a serious matter and should be treated as such by anyone involved with tax debt. This is why it is recommended that you learn your rights as a taxpayer and seek the advice of tax professionals to protect you, your family, property and business..

Many people don’t know but taxpayers are usually represented before the Internal Revenue Service by a tax attorney, Enrolled Agent or Certified Public Accountant (CPA), as this gives them a higher probability of settling their debt in a positive manner.

Of course, you can also skip having professional advice and try to deal with the IRS issues yourself or by hiring a tax coach to assist you throught the process. However, most people do not have the expertise or stamina and get overwhelmed by the complexity of the process, and the pressures already created by the tax debt; and the tax debt relief process.

Why should you consider hiring a professional advisor? Simply stated; you will save time and energy by retaining a tax professional and you will realize that your decision also helped you save a lot of money. The cost of hiring a tax attorney,. Enrolled Agent or CPA or registerred tax preaprer is a smart and prudent investment when considering the potential benefits that come from a well planned tax relief action plan. You will receive qualified counsel that will help you reduce tax debt while staying in compliance with the IRS and eliminate the frustrations and emotional stress involved in the tax debt relief process. Due to the specialized knowledge and complexities for tax debt relief by retaining a professional increases your success for tax relief.

What are some of the potential benefits? The benefits for tax relief are both tangible and intangible. Tax debts can be reduce by as much as 90% in some cases, can increase your credit score and remove tax liens from properties. Debts of less than $10,000 may be paid off in 5 years if the legal right to a payment plan is accepted. Other plans are available, such as the one in which you can repay an amount up to $25,000 in five years, with this amount including all penalties and loan interest. There are three main offers in compromise that you can opt for: doubt as to liability; doubt as to collectibility; and effective tax administration. Of course, other solutions may also be offered by tax debt relief specialists – plans such as the current uncollectible status, innocent spouse relief, bankruptcy and others can be discussed during your free consultation . Your tax debt specialist will suggest the best plan for your individual case and will base their suggestion on several factors, including your life style and income.

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